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  • Our league is a stock retro league that uses the latest Strat-O-Matic (SOM) Computer Football game. The SSRFL is a stock team, continuous ownership league through each season SOM has...
    36 members Last activity 7:05 PM
  • Welcome to the 18th season of the Butkus League!
    16 members Last activity May 18
  • Selected as "One of the Top Fantasy Football Clubs on Yahoo" by Yahoo Magazine!!!!!!!!! You can also see our public reporting area at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BMFL Our 2016...
    68 members Last activity May 7
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  • If you are in any of my fantasy dynasty leagues, this is the group I will need you to join... offseason activities all take place here ( rookie draft, trades, etc...) Same group for all four sport leagues ( hockey, baseball, basketball, football)
    30 members Last activity May 9
  • The Strategicon site for fantasy football! This is the starting spot for the "Strategicon Football League" ... founded Saturday, September 4, 2010 at the Gateway 2010 game convention at the...
    28 members Last activity Apr 28
  • FANTASY FOOTBALL AT IT'S BEST!!!! Join for more info. To much to explain here, so just get the info you need, or all of it by joining. Most leagues of mine are realistic, but then we add a feature that makes...
    173 members Last activity 7:29 AM
  • CHIRP Sports
    43 members Last activity May 22
  • Yahoo group for Fraud Footballers
    13 members Last activity May 15
  • WOW!! Season 25 for Franklin Fantasy Football. Not many leagues with this kind of longevity. Last year, I congratulated Macanudos on their first every trophy (toilet). They...
    20 members Last activity Feb 11
  • The Detroit Metro Football League (DMFL) is a group of 14 teams of dedicated football fans. Current league officers: Chris Frayer (Commissioner), Tom...
    14 members Last activity Apr 13