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  • This group is for the 11 members of the Tournament Committee only. Remember when you reply to an e-mail from this group, the entire group will see it.
    20 members Last activity May 21
  • Executive Committee of USA Fencing's New Jersey Division
    23 members Last activity May 21
  • The yahoo group for fencers who are taking (or have taken) fencing classes from Maestro John DeCesare. Also, classically, this group is known as the "drinkers with a fencing...
    113 members Last activity 7:19 AM
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  • E-mail list group for Fencing Institute of Texas news and discussions. Fencers use this group to sell equipment, clothing, etc. - and to find rides to/from tournaments, make hotel arrangements, etc. FIT staff use...
    153 members Last activity May 20
  • The Baltimore-Washington Collegiate Fencing Conference; a developmental conference to encourage competition among college fencing clubs in the region. It was formed by seven clubs in 2004, and...
    124 members Last activity May 21
  • DEMAS is the Davenriche European Martial Arts School. We are a HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts) school that study Medieval and Renaissance...
    284 members Last activity May 21
  • Welcome to the Arlington Fencers' Club email list. The Club provids local venues and fencing opportunites for Arlington, Virginia area fencers. We include...
    98 members Last activity May 17
  • This group is made up of the coaches in the North Carolina Fencing League.
    27 members Last activity Apr 5
  • A horse walks into a bar. Bartender says: "why the long face?" Horse says: "I'm a member of the Handsome Boy Modeling Academy."
    32 members Last activity May 17
  • Nominating Committee of USA Fencing's New Jersey Division
    9 members Last activity May 16