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  • The NEWTS is an informal group of individual tandem bike riders who simply like to bicycle together. There is no formal organization or leader. Rides are NOT sponsored by any person or organization. Ride information is...
    125 members Last activity 9:12 AM
  • This list is for people who are blind and visually-impaired who have an interest in tandem cycling - though also for anyone else who is interested in tandem cycling. It's to post information about cycling competitions...
    109 members Last activity Jul 26
  • An email list for the Wabits (Washington Area Bicyclists In Tandem Society)
    301 members Last activity Jul 15
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  • The BORP Tandems are a San Francisco bay area cycling group dedicated to tandem cycling for the visually impaired and disabled.
    98 members Last activity Jul 27
  • CRABS, Couples Riding A Bicycle Simultaneously, is the tandem bicycling division of the Baltimore Bicycling Club. Tandem rides are scheduled from...
    145 members Last activity Jul 1
  • Welcome to "STARZ" S an Diego TA ndem R ider Z ! STARZ is a fun group dedicated to tandem rides and after-ride social functions in the San Diego, CA area. We welcome all...
    70 members Last activity Jul 24
  • Welcome to the mailing list for Tandem Cyclists in the Ottawa Ontario, Gatineau Quebec region of Canada. We are not an organized club. Rather, this web-site and mailing list...
    68 members Last activity Feb 8
  • Welcome to the Sacramento area tandem club, founded in July 1999. As the area's only tandem specific club, we have designed our rides to take advantage of the tandem's unique characteristics, focusing our schedule on...
    124 members Last activity Jul 20
  • Richmond Area Tandem Society
    69 members Last activity Jul 17
  • Houston Area Tandem Society
    11 members Last activity Mar 28, 2014