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  • welcome this club is none sexual it is for girls of any age who are into boxing as part of their life . this place is also for fans of girl boxing as a sport.
    2222 members Last activity 8:00 AM
  • this is to find sparring partners and other female who enjoy the sport of boxing and who loves to particiapate
    454 members Last activity 3:51 AM
  • Welcome to Backyard Boxing. This group is for people that like Backyard Boxing and willing to meet up to Box.
    605 members Last activity 5:14 AM
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  • The baddest girls in eastern pennsylvania who can knock out dudes and tear women apart.
    504 members Last activity 8:20 AM
  • Managing, training, and promoting fighters of all ages and levels.
    353 members Last activity 8:04 AM
  • Tarung Derajat AA BOXER
    204 members Last activity 5:48 AM
  • hope u have fun and take a look around
    366 members Last activity May 10
  • Welcome to the 1st and only Roy Jones Jr. club. Roy just recently unified the Light Heavyweight Championship. He is pound for pound, the best boxer in the world and one of the most flamboyant too.
    245 members Last activity 8:22 AM
  • Backyard Boxing Federation
    423 members Last activity 4:28 AM
  • welcome
    337 members Last activity May 10