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  • This group is for Splendor Complex Owners. We can leverage this group constructively by pooling in ideas. This group also helps its residents to leverage purchases while doing their...
    729 members Last activity 8:37 AM
  • Asheville Freecycle provides individuals and non-profits in the Asheville, NC area an electronic forum to "recycle" unwanted items. One person's trash can truly be another's treasure! Whether it's a chair, a fax machine, piano...
    9342 members Last activity 9:08 PM
  • Human history has been the story of obtaining and using increasing quantities and quality of energy. Till right about now. (And please recognize that a lot of the posts are placed here to demonstrate the range of knowledge...
    2658 members Last activity Oct 5
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  • One of the oldest African American neighborhoods in Atlanta, Reynoldstown began as an area to which former slaves migrated for employment after the Civil War. In 1866...
    939 members Last activity 11:37 AM
  • group devoted to Islamic affairs, community causes, community issues, and practical advice.
    851 members Last activity 6:20 AM
  • For residents of Claverack, NY who are committed to maintaining the rural character of the Town of Claverack and support the principles of good growth.
    464 members Last activity 9:05 AM
  • AAPAW's Mission: Bring animal welfare organizations and veterinarians together in support of the City of San Antonio's Animal Care Strategic Plan and improve the lives of...
    354 members Last activity 9:03 AM
  • Adopt A College is a discussion group for people doing vegetarian advocacy through leafleting on college campuses, especially with Vegan Outreach's literature. By joining our email list, you are agreeing to keep...
    316 members Last activity 12:27 AM
  • Indigenous Peoples' Listserve on indigenous peoples' rights and sustainable, self-determined development. This also serves as information exchange hub for Rio +20.
    304 members Last activity 7:42 PM
  • Issues Relating to Asaba
    318 members Last activity 8:34 AM