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  • This is a community that believes in the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. The purpose of this forum is to provide a venue to share information regarding life issues.
    341 members Last activity Sep 1
  • Welcome to our group, we believe that abortion is a crime against humanity, the killing of innocent human unborn lives. We believe its time that these innocents had a voice, we are their voice. We can't afford to be quiet, we must...
    227 members Last activity 10:31 AM
  • pro-choice peacekeeping for the women's clinic in Hagerstown
    35 members Last activity 6:13 AM
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  • A private group for those activists, writers and speakers active with www.savethe1.com, who represent "the hard cases" -- conceived in r*pe, mothers from r*pe or those given a poor in utero diagnosis. We've been demonized...
    53 members Last activity Sep 2
  • RIGHT: Unborn human at near 7 weeks after conception...or the "blob of tissue" or "product of conception" referred to by abortion providers. At 7 weeks, a baby measures as MUCH as just 18 mm from head to toe...or about the width of an adult's index finger...
    138 members Last activity Aug 22
  • The St. Anthony Mary Claret Respect Life Ministry (San Antonio, TX) fosters respect and protection for the sanctity and dignity of all human life from the moment of conception to a natural death by lovingly...
    57 members Last activity Aug 29
  • For all current National Organization for Women members residing in the SE region.
    27 members Last activity 9:14 AM
  • If you are pregnant and want to ask questions or ask for advice, you can join this group. This group is meant to support women considering abortion, those who have made their decision, and those who are currently in the process...
    847 members Last activity Jul 12, 2014
  • This is a list for liberal, libertarian, moderate, feminist, non-Christian (atheist, agnostic, Wiccan, Jewish, Pagan, Buddhist...), gay, lesbian, bisexual, alternative-culture, and other pro-lifers who don't quite fit the traditional pro-life mold because of...
    114 members Last activity May 29, 2014
  • Respect Life Mailing List for members of the St. Patrick Parish Community in St. Charles Illinois.
    20 members Last activity Aug 8