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  • Dear Colleages, This group was designed by Ahmad Abdelbasst Sallam,PhD.FRCSGlasg. and Ayman Mohyi Elghonemy PhD.FRCSGlasg. The aim of this group...
    1373 members Last activity Nov 29
  • This group is meant to help every eye doctor pass his eye exams in UK and overseas. We hope this will extend to form a discussion group interested in all the new aspects of Ophthalmology. If you are an eye doctor , kindly...
    1435 members Last activity Nov 29
  • Network of Retinal Specialists in India
    1021 members Last activity 8:22 AM
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  • This group has been formed to bring togather ophthalmologists from around the world in general and of the asian region in particular under one roof so that we have a stronger "world ophthalmology".
    859 members Last activity 7:05 AM
  • A discussion group for Ophthalmologists interested in Eye Healthcare in Pakistan. Keywords: Ophthalmology, Pakistan, Eye Surgeon, Blindness, Cataract...
    1114 members Last activity Nov 28
  • Egroup mailing list of the Central Visayas Society of Ophthalmology, a component society of the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology.
    78 members Last activity Oct 24
  • Groups for ophthalmologists all over the globe
    1357 members Last activity Oct 2
  • This is a group of eye care professionals from Africa and other parts of the world involved in the care of patients with glaucoma in Sub-Saharan Africa.
    84 members Last activity Oct 30
  • Dear Friends, A small Return Gift, on my birthday - A collection by Ranjit S. Dhaliwal, MD, in the service of Ophthalmic fraternity @ www.VideoAtlas.co.in - under the patronage of Dr...
    1254 members Last activity Sep 27
  • One's pursuits into Manual SICS start because of the need to shift to a sutureless technique, to enhance the post-op. results and to avoid being lost in obscurity, without having to invest a fortune in a Phaco machine. Cataract surgery...
    389 members Last activity Sep 30