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  • Click to subscribe to electionwatcher THE REALITY POLITICS GROUP Real Election Results Reported by Real People Election watching the old-fashioned way. This...
    820 members Last activity Aug 23
  • ****** REBUILD AMERICA WITH OBAMA & BIDEN ******* The Democratic Comprehensive Energy Plan To Lower Gasoline Prices This is how we will do it...
    168 members Last activity Aug 23
  • Discussions and information on the arms trade from Europe and actions and campaigns against it within the framwork of the European Network Against Arms Trade.
    160 members Last activity 7:18 AM
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  • The group aims to promote and encourage efforts for grassroots Democrats and Democratic Progressives, and to promote Democratic candidates in the State of North Carolina...
    148 members Last activity Sep 1
  • Campaign for Liberty! These are indeed treacherous times. American Patriots Must Unite, Get Organized, Elect Candidates who put America First, Expose...
    74 members Last activity 3:50 AM
  • We were originally Grannies Against George but George is gone and we have found ourselves facing a new problem...Greed! Every which way we turn we hear the whines of the...
    122 members Last activity 12:20 AM
  • Ring the Bells of Revolution, as discussed at PDRBoston.org . Remove the rich from power; have real, not fake, democracy, with no rich and no poor. We aim to help a majority of Americans see that they are not alone in sharing egalitarian...
    26 members Last activity 9:56 AM
  • Staffordshire Against HS2
    22 members Last activity 11:58 PM
  • Some progressive activists trying to improve their organizing skills. Help us discuss global politics and what ordinary folks can do. May be high volume -- remember how to unsubscribe!
    13 members Last activity Aug 31
  • A coalition of groups and individuals campaigning for political and systemic change in the face of the climate emergency.
    75 members Last activity Aug 31