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  • Hi welcome to the Sega Genesis Group! This is the club to talk about the good old genesis (aka Mega Drive) This console is a 16 bit machine with some of the best games on it! the console is a 16 bit box with various...
    465 members Last activity Mar 26
  • My club is about genesis emulation, also i have my own site with roms and i have rare roms that are not my site, Also i am a big megamanX and zelda fan (except for the one on N64)and genesis emulation fan . If you need any help on...
    545 members Last activity 8:16 AM
  • Welcome to my club! Sega is the buzz here! The latest news, games, and tips are shared and reviewed! True Dreamcast fans will love this! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~*Chat time...
    163 members Last activity 7:15 AM
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  • Welcome to the Official Sega Dreamcast Club! Join and learn about the revolutionary 128-bit videogame console. Chat with others about your ideas about the Dreamcast and videogame industry future. Most of all...
    128 members Last activity 7:22 AM
  • ftp,s http://,s anythin on dremacast other than reviews thats my job
    234 members Last activity 7:56 AM
  • Hello everyone. So, what do you want to do today? Chat with members, discuss the dead Saturn or the new Dreamcast? Whatever you want to do, have fun!
    137 members Last activity 7:22 AM
  • this is a group where members can freely put any of there homemade sonic roms!
    97 members Last activity 8:48 AM
  • Welcome newcomers, to the Sega Dreamcast Network. The only Sega Dreamcast Clubs set up for Dreamcast Owners. Soon we will have our own website that you can go to a download...
    87 members Last activity 7:30 AM
  • This board is primarily for discussion of Sega 16-bit related topics, but please feel free to talk about anything you like. Trading is also encouraged.
    88 members Last activity 7:31 AM
  • Welcome to Jobe's "Phantasy Star Online" group, if you're a veteran or beginner you've come to the right place. Discussions, debates, news on both Xbox and Gamecube versions. Tell about your character...
    77 members Last activity 8:47 AM