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  • Monopoly was officially introduced in 1933 when Charles Darrow started producing it from his garage. In 1935, Parker Brothers bought his game and the rest is history. Along the...
    292 members Last activity Apr 19
  • The Southeast has one of the most vibrant and active boardgaming scenes in the country. A reflection of that is the Atlanta Game Fest and Game-o-Rama which are open events that aim for the fun and feel of an...
    290 members Last activity Apr 14
  • Our Mission is to: have fun, make friends and play games. The group regulars age's range from 25 - 70. Any "girl" is welcome to the Board Games Group! We meet on the 3rd Saturday of the...
    26 members Last activity Apr 18
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  • Java Board Games
    505 members Last activity 6:58 AM
  • Welcome! This is a club for people to play monopoly against each other. This is the only club you need to go to to find eager opponents. Enjoy! MOTTO: No mercy.
    603 members Last activity 6:02 AM
  • Y Monopoly
    1790 members Last activity 5:50 AM
  • The Monopoly� Zone mailing list provides a useful means of exchanging information with other collectors and players around the world. Looking for a rare or unusual piece of Monopoly� memorabilia? Trying...
    227 members Last activity 7:09 AM
  • DELL's
    198 members Last activity 6:18 AM
  • Welcome to Monopoly World! We aim to connect Monopoly players around the world, give strategies and ideas, and organize games and tournaments. New members should post their location so a local...
    186 members Last activity 6:07 AM
  • cutypie's house of monopoly
    163 members Last activity Dec 3, 2012