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  • Kenya Diaspora Alliance is a Network of all major sub-national, national, regional and global Kenya Diaspora organizations and individuals.
    212 members Last activity 10:23 PM
  • A forum for scholarly exchange among Kenyans and Kenyanists around the world. TERMS OF USE (1) Providers of an interactive computer service (such as Internet Listserves) are protected by U.S...
    246 members Last activity 7:42 AM
  • THE LUMBOKA GROUP, whose membership is by invitation only, is a dynamic forum that facilitates a wide range of deliberations towards community initiatives and dev in Kenya. It is motivated by a...
    254 members Last activity 6:21 AM
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  • Kwale Kuu Foundation is an organisation that brings together all indigenous people of Kwale either living in Kwale or in the diaspora. The objectives of KKF are to promote socio-economic, political...
    153 members Last activity Jun 30
  • Kikuyu Cultural Group for those able to physically meet in Toronto, Canada
    69 members Last activity Jun 30
  • Sons and Daughters of Kenya
    32 members Last activity Jun 18
  • Anyoula in the NSW Diaspora
    34 members Last activity Jun 27
  • KACA is a support system for the Kenyan American community in New Jersey whose purpose is to serve as a vehicle for positive social change through charitable efforts in the areas of civic education, culture, science and technology. KACA...
    431 members Last activity Jun 25
  • Mailing list to facilitate creation of a community group for Kenyans or (other people from Kenya) in Australia.
    129 members Last activity Jun 22
  • The Professional ICT Association of Kenya (PICTA-Kenya) evolved out of the dire need to professionalize ICT in Eastern Africa, generally, and Kenya in particular. The association...
    48 members Last activity 10:23 PM