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  • Information forum for those who have left Aer Lingus to keep in touch, particularly those who are travelling. Also open to those who have remained in Aer Lingus. Please add any links that you think might be of interest...
    3023 members Last activity 3:39 PM
  • fig moms with toddlers and infants
    28 members Last activity Jul 3
  • Irish Catholic Fraternal Organization Group Manager: aohnn-owner@egroups.com To subscribe, send a message to aohnn-subscribe@egroups.com or go to the e-group's home page at http://www.egroups.com/list/aohnn
    172 members Last activity Jul 3
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  • What the group is for The group is for general news, and information about stuff going on in West Cork, Ireland. Use the list to let people know about: upcoming events - films, theatre, music, talks fund...
    209 members Last activity 7:54 AM
  • Discussions, chats on stone rows, circles, passage mounds, wood circles, myths, lore, sounds, archaeastronomy, archaeocosmology, etc., etc. in Ireland. So concerning all pre-historic things. No new-age...
    153 members Last activity Jun 3
  • The IE-Dance mailing list is a discussion group for the dance music scene in Ireland. Encompassing progressive, techno, trance, rave etc. It is intended as a forum for discussing everything and anything relating to the...
    3231 members Last activity Mar 23
  • A mailing list to provide contact, support and a virtual community for anybody interested in learning, teaching, disseminating and promoting the use of NVC (Nonviolent Communication) in Ireland...
    115 members Last activity Mar 24
  • A group for all Kannadigas in Ireland.
    177 members Last activity Jun 13
  • This Group is set up to foster the exchange of information between ex employees of Motorola Cork
    486 members Last activity Jun 12
  • Irish Network Japan's main purpose is to promote cultural exchange between Ireland and Japan.
    327 members Last activity Feb 10