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  • I would like to welcome you to the Ecuador Expats Forum. This forum is for the sharing of information about visiting, volunteering, living, working, or retiring in Ecuador. This group...
    3690 members Last activity 2:49 PM
  • This is an expat forum for anyone living in or thinking of moving to Ecuador. Aptly named "Everything Ecuador", because here anything under the sun goes--as long as it is lawful and ethical, though not necessarily...
    189 members Last activity Jun 29
  • This is an English speaking group for people who live in, are considering moving to or are visiting Cuenca, Ecuador. No spam or attacks will be tolerated and try to remain on topic...
    618 members Last activity May 13
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  • Welcome to Coastal Ecuador, a Group dedicated to the sharing of information about the Pacific coastal region of Ecuador, la Costa.
    226 members Last activity Dec 15, 2014
  • Bienvenidos al Club de Ecuador en Yahoo.
    600 members Last activity Jun 30
  • This is a place for discussion of different aspects of Ecuadorian culture. Post anything relating to the arts, literature, the ecuadorian way of life, differences between the culture of Ecuador and that of other countries in...
    13 members Last activity 9:04 AM
  • Un espacio para pensar y repensar, actuar y reactuar, inventar y reinventar el Ecuador a partir de la cultura.
    66 members Last activity 3:49 PM
  • Lista de discusion de Rotex dentro del distrito 4400 con sede en Quito
    122 members Last activity Jun 24
  • Para los que crean que no hay nada mejor del Ecuador. Aqui pueden hacerse amigos de los ecuatorianos mas buenas gentes. No pienses mas e inscribete. Cualquier edad, sexo,manera de pensar...
    245 members Last activity Jun 13
  • Ecuatorianos por todo el Mundo
    98 members Last activity Jun 24