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  • TAMIL FINE ARTS & RECREATIONAL GROUP, RIYADH Tamil Islamic Articles, Muslim, Hadees, Quran முகப்புத்தக முகவரி : http://www.facebook.com/groups/tafareg/
    3999 members Last activity 2:20 AM
  • Tamil Sangam of Lagos, Nigeria.... One Step Ahead to get all tamilians of Nigeria closer...
    634 members Last activity Nov 27
  • This is an independant & non-commercial Tamil speaking group working for our communities. It doesn't has any parent and/or sister organization. This group is controlled only by the Office Bearers...
    786 members Last activity Nov 24
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  • Saudi Tamil Sangam
    557 members Last activity 2:23 AM
  • "Yatha Raja, Tata Praja" (As is the King, so are his subjects) Since we parents have Tamil as our mother tongue, it becomes imperative on our part to pass on our...
    82 members Last activity Nov 25
  • An interactive bilingual forum for Madras Arts and Cultural Association (MACA) Tamil Literature enthusiasts living in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. We...
    75 members Last activity 3:58 AM
  • We are a group of Sri Lankan Tamil friends living in Southern California. This group is created with the intention of bringing all of our friends in one podium so that they can...
    53 members Last activity Nov 27
  • Propagation of Thipuppugazh - an ancient Tamil poetry of great literary and spiritual value - composed by Saint Arunagirinathar. The group will be involved in organizing musical meets and sharing...
    119 members Last activity 4:14 AM
  • Thamizh Ilakkia Aaivu Koottam (Tamil Literary Club) of Washinton DC Area.
    212 members Last activity Nov 16
  • The apex organization of the Sourashtra community
    74 members Last activity Nov 24