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  • This is the public listserv for NYS TESOL. NYS TESOL is an association of professionals concerned with the education of English language learners at all levels of public and private education in New...
    776 members Last activity 9:00 PM
  • - Go.i DDa`n, hai tie^'ng nghe ddo+n so+ nhu+ng tha thie^'t va` thie^ng lie^ng ddo^'i vo+'i sinh va^.t ddo^`ng chu?ng. - Go.i DDa`n la` no+i trao ddo^?i kinh nghie^.m so^'ng va` ta^'t ca? ca'c dde^` ta`i nhu+ tho+ va(n, li.ch su+?, chi'nh tri., tu+ tu+o+?ng...cu?a ngu+o+`i Vie^.t Quo^'c Gia lu+u la.c...
    1273 members Last activity 8:31 PM
  • Welcome to the discussion list of IATEFL Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group. This list aims to provide a forum for English Language Teaching...
    789 members Last activity Mar 30
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  • Zahnaktlang ram dang phanmi hna hi thawng kan ithanhnak a har tuk caah kan tlang kong a herhmi bia iruah tinak hmun kan ngeih ve nakhnga ding caah hi egroup hi kan tuahnak a si.
    480 members Last activity Mar 31
  • E group for all interested people in Derby Deaf community
    121 members Last activity Mar 30
  • Colorado British Southern Cameroonians
    55 members Last activity 4:11 PM
  • Khonggian3D Created 18 Feb 2012
    36 members Last activity 4:03 AM
  • For a pedagogy of bare essentials - with special reference to the teaching of English as a foreign or second language. You are welcome to join the dogme ELT discussion site. We are a mix of teachers, trainers and...
    1568 members Last activity Feb 28
  • TEFLChina--discussing teaching English as a foreign language in China 3 separate lists TEFLChina --(teach)--classroom techniques and problems, tips, lesson plans, materials, Q&A...
    980 members Last activity Mar 29
  • Pakistan Civil Society is Forum to provide network to fellowship leaders, social scientist, community leaders, activists, specialist, professionals, professors, development specialists, government...
    1253 members Last activity Dec 7, 2014