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  • A pioneer social club in Nigeria with formidable branches across the globe. The Houston branch comprises people of repute and integrity who have come together to share a common purpose of unity, love, peace and progress.
    32 members Last activity Feb 4
  • We promote cultural exchange, tourism, languages, education, healthcare awareness etc among the Anambra State Indigenes of Nigeria residing in the State of Maryland USA and Anambra state in Nigeria
    22 members Last activity Sep 25, 2014
    5 members Last activity Nov 3, 2013
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  • Hello, you. This club is a place to talk about fast food (such as McD's, KFC, Burger King etc) the different offers they have and new meals. What's that New McDonalds Burger like? Worth...
    182 members Last activity 3:56 AM
  • Hi! My name is Aaron and Like you I love anything that tastes good! That's why I created this club for people who just love lifes little pleasures like Potato Chips, chili and any other food that those...
    108 members Last activity 4:04 AM
  • If you like ice cream for more than just eating :) this club is for you. Join now and get in on the discussions!
    116 members Last activity 4:01 AM
  • ::Trumpets blow:: Presenting her royal highness, the Dairy Queen! Hello, friends. I simply adore Dairy Queen, always have since childhood. I can't get enough. There's nothing I like better...except...
    63 members Last activity 4:15 AM
  • per chi mangia molto ed รจ soddisfatto quando si sente pieno, per chi non si vergogna di farla crescere: W la pancia!!!
    137 members Last activity Sep 10, 2013
  • Group of twelve crazy nuts from BITS
    53 members Last activity Sep 17, 2014
  • an organization made up of hotel and restaurant management students in ust
    63 members Last activity Aug 5, 2012