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  • ~Welcome to New York Adoptees~ This site is for NY adoptees, Siblings, and Parents searching. We also have other family members searching for loved ones. 1...
    2143 members Last activity 8:47 AM
  • Daitch cousins are planning a reunion for next summer. This group address will help with the email.
    78 members Last activity May 24
  • This is the group created exclusively for the family of Kumbakonam Sri Vaidyanatha Iyer. Our RelativesOnline group is mainly creatd to integrate all the relatives whereever they are. This...
    64 members Last activity May 27
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  • Carmelite Extended Family
    46 members Last activity 9:24 AM
  • The Ochavlal Shah Family from Kapadvanj, Gujarat India.
    31 members Last activity 8:41 AM
  • This is simply a "point of contact" for all of the Florencio bloodline (and its affinities of whatever nature) spread the world over. :-)
    42 members Last activity 5:44 PM
  • Members and relatives of the Madhavapeddi family.
    84 members Last activity May 23
  • Group for Brewster clan hailing from Perry, OH Hello and welcome. I have created this group to serve as an easy way to communicate and share information about the Brewster family with its origins in Perry...
    18 members Last activity May 27
  • Chao Mung Anh Em Gia Dinh An Phong Cuu De Tu Vien Dong Chua Cuu The.
    77 members Last activity 5:18 PM
  • 2013 - Traverse City, MI ZONE 5 (Central) 2012 - wedding Champaign, IL (Central) 2011 - wedding Fullerton, CA (Pacific) and wedding Champaign, IL...
    34 members Last activity 6:35 AM