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  • 'theregistry' is a moderated co-support list for searching adult adoptees, birth family members and *volunteer* searchers involved in ADULT adoptee searches. thinking of doing DNA, FTdna...
    3531 members Last activity Sep 26
  • ~Welcome to New York Adoptees~ This site is for NY adoptees, Siblings, and Parents searching. We also have other family members searching for loved ones. 1...
    2168 members Last activity Sep 28
  • Carmelite Extended Family
    45 members Last activity Oct 15
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  • the place to chat (ng-obrol) for people who has ancestors burried in Pajang, Solo, Indonesia. there is another group Tjan-Gan which is reserved for more serious news, which has more members.
    34 members Last activity Oct 15
  • Group for Brewster clan hailing from Perry, OH Hello and welcome. I have created this group to serve as an easy way to communicate and share information about the Brewster family with its origins in Perry...
    18 members Last activity Oct 9
  • Descendants and relatives of the union of Oscar C. Johnson and Mary Jane Lowe Johnson of Mississippi. This family has roots in Learned, Utica and...
    68 members Last activity Oct 11
  • 2013 - Traverse City, MI ZONE 5 (Central) 2012 - wedding Champaign, IL (Central) 2011 - wedding Fullerton, CA (Pacific) and wedding Champaign, IL...
    35 members Last activity Oct 13
  • Hom family messages, events, photos, and info.
    38 members Last activity Oct 16
  • The Ochavlal Shah Family from Kapadvanj, Gujarat India.
    31 members Last activity Oct 13
  • All members originating from Anantha Rao and Sarojamma are welcome to join the group.
    36 members Last activity Oct 14