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  • Information on free to air football on satellite TV in Europe. Live Satellite feeds information for football matches and other sports. Discussions of related topics.
    841 members Last activity 9:47 AM
  • The satellite tv (TVRO) enthusiasts mailing list. Discussions cover wildfeeds, backhauls, satellite locations, dish physics, satellite launches, hardware repair, dish restoration, hardware sales and auctions...
    3164 members Last activity Apr 15
  • ::DTHINDIA:: The one and only group discussing the Present and Future of Indian DTH Systems and Indian Satellite TV Viewing specially for DD direct plus and for private players like...
    538 members Last activity 9:14 AM
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  • An unofficial mailing list for news and chat relating to New Zealand's "Freeview digital" Satellite and Terrestrial service. All are Welcome
    268 members Last activity Mar 26
  • Ce groupe est dédie aux demo cherockee9000 xsat310 et xsat410 et assimilé poster les firmware et les hex et les message
    7777 members Last activity 9:10 AM
  • DSB=Digital Satellite Receiver FTA= Free To Air A = Analog D = Digital IP= Positioner DHD= with hard disk 2Ci= with 2 Ci Slots...
    4543 members Last activity 8:36 AM
  • All about SAT-DX in Europe. What are the topics to be discussed? - all about SAT-DX in Europe - channels - feeds - SAT-DX receivers - SAT-DX equipment...
    4194 members Last activity 9:35 AM
  • Questo gruppo di lavoro nasce per la CAS INTERFACE,il nuovo programmatore per CAM e CAS MAGIC - MATRIX - UCAS etc. compatibile con tutte le CAM con chipset SIDSA. Grazie a questa interfaccia sarà possibile riparare le...
    1811 members Last activity 8:38 AM
  • group didiee a l echostar 2110 2ci via mise a jour patch etc
    1974 members Last activity 8:37 AM
  • MAIN GROUP, INTERNATIONAL FORUM : http://fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/DigitalDREAM-2/ Arabic - Deutsch - Danks - English - Finnish Français - Hungarian...
    1459 members Last activity 4:32 AM