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  • This mailing list was created for fans of the 80s TV show, Remington Steele, as well as all fans of Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist. Please sign up and join in the fun...
    626 members Last activity Jul 21
  • This is a group to discuss the show, Ghostwriter, in general. This can include characters, episodes, actors, personal opinions, whatever. If you've seen the show, or just heard of it, come join in!
    566 members Last activity Nov 11, 2014
  • To discuss any aspect of the 1980s television series "Hart to Hart" starring Stefanie Powers as Jennifer Hart; Robert Wagner as Jonathan Hart; and Lionel Stander as Max...
    561 members Last activity Jul 21
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  • Welcome to Cadfael's Herbarium. Relax, have a goblet of mead, and discuss the adventures of this rare Benedictine, related through the novels of Ellis Peters and the subsequent television series which is...
    196 members Last activity Mar 2
  • STYLE: Some guys got it...some guys don't. Joe Mannix definately had it. He was hip, tough and he had a heart of gold. Mannix was a soild show that holds up as well today as it did when it...
    200 members Last activity Jun 1
  • Simon and Simon Starring: Gerald McRaney Jameson Parker Mary Carver Tim Reid Scott Murphy Eddie Barth Jeannie Wilson Joan...
    25 members Last activity Jan 10, 2014
  • This is just a club to talk about the Ghostwriter show.
    219 members Last activity 6:13 PM
  • Hey! You like Hector, Alex, Rob, and/or Jamal? Maybe Calvin? This is the place to talk about them!
    188 members Last activity 5:14 PM
  • Is a club devoted to this excellent TV show overdue ?? Do bears bear ?? Do bees be ?? Do ducks duck ??? Moonlighters, this club's for us.
    146 members Last activity 5:19 PM
  • This list is to discuss the tv show Simon & Simon.
    133 members Last activity 10:36 PM