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  • i Sebastiani is a Boston-based commedia dell'arte troupe. Commedia is a form of improvisational comedy that started in Italy in the 16th century. i Sebastiani grew out of a living history group called...
    70 members Last activity Oct 6
  • Spur of the moment fun! This group is for current and past students and troupe members of San Ramon Improv U.
    17 members Last activity 11:00 PM
  • Emailnig lista prve in edine prave impro lige na slovenskem, ki združuje improvizatorje, moderatorje, sodnike, tehnike, upravitelje in ostalo v špajzi slovenske kulture: KUD-u France Prešeren, Trnovo.
    258 members Last activity Sep 17
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  • This is the discussion group / mailing list list/serve for the Yeomen of the Guard (Southern and Northern California). Those unfamiliar with the technology should be aware that they can change their delivery preferences...
    154 members Last activity Mar 2
  • English-language Playback Theater group in Montreal.
    132 members Last activity May 8
  • Mailing list for participants in the Some Assembly Required (SAR) and Made To Measure workshops
    112 members Last activity Jun 22
  • SFBAIT = San Francisco Bay Area Improvisational Theatre Inspired by BAANG, this group has been created for anyone living in the SF Bay Area (San...
    114 members Last activity Aug 28, 2014
  • Open to the public, we meet weekly to play at the sport of improvisational theater. We meet at the Ashland library. It is free and fun. All ages and levels welcome.
    77 members Last activity Sep 29
  • We also have a Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/184520078289141/ Click on "Database" to put your info (as much as you like) into the Directory! Then add pertinent files or links and create a poll or two...
    78 members Last activity Oct 15, 2014
  • This is a maillist for Contact Improvisation practitioners who do not have a local list of their own to join. It is for general CI discussion and group-specific announcements - announcements that would be of...
    97 members Last activity Oct 2