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  • For Alumni of the James Madison University Breakdancing club. A convenient way for the club to stay in touch with us and for use to stay in touch with one another.
    43 members Last activity Apr 17, 2014
  • Welcome to Xklusivly_TBC~~!!! ~The Best Crew~...Chocolate,Adam,J-wu,Lion,Shock Win,Toy,Gino,Milk,Jones...~The Best Crew...
    385 members Last activity Nov 27
  • Welcom to the dopest breakdancing club ever. Im am a founder. I want to learn how to breakdance. I looked all over the net but i couldnt find a good site that explain techniques fully. So i decided to put together a club were I learn...
    353 members Last activity Nov 19
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  • Out of this club you can expect to get detailed in formation on how to do b-boy moves. Our crews name is the DropZoneCrew located in Washington. E-mail us at DropZoneCrew@yahoo.com
    355 members Last activity 2:59 AM
  • Break Dancing and Dj Maddness
    207 members Last activity 9:27 PM
  • I would like to welcome you to one of many bboy and bgirl clubs. But like others this club is for Djs and others also. Speak your mind and post some comps!
    210 members Last activity 10:48 PM
  • [--The_TBC_Famliy--} He||o..We|cOmE tO a C|uB fOr TBC, T-rush & O|d ToP.. | rEa||y HoPe YoU a|| Wi|| L|kE iT HeRe...
    172 members Last activity Sep 21
  • This is a group for people who like to watch break dancing or like to break dance we will up load clips of breaking or popping and talk about it
    117 members Last activity Aug 9
  • This is a club about breakdancing. Post new moves, pics or question about breakdancing.
    195 members Last activity Aug 23
  • Ore! Word up! Thiz iz HQ fo all rapperz, taggerz, b-boyz n' anythang elze! Send me yo rapz n' flows to Busta_Move524@jump.com. Aight, tell yo buds bout' diz place! Bust some flows n' moves n' keep it real...
    67 members Last activity Aug 23