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  • Gyrating Bhtch is an elegant foray into the fringes of modern music. Challenging the pre-conceived notions of time, structure and pitch, Gyrating Bhtch forges a new ground where rock, rap, country, disco, jazz and...
    6 members Last activity 10:37 PM
  • Conversation and networking infrastructure for people involved in the Sacramento area DIY music scene. Talk/Argue/Complain about bands, shows, records, and the best pizza burrito chocolate chip cookie...
    167 members Last activity Mar 17
  • Please if you want to join email me at Seagemstar@aol.com For a discliamer StarWavs This group is for people who love music in general, Sharing Requesting Full Music Wavs And Mp3's...
    33 members Last activity 4:13 AM
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  • Sebagai anak metal ngpak ., kita dikira orang sebagai anak glandangan tetapi jiwa kita setara sebagai anak biasa ..,, ., HITAM aliranku bukan berarti sesat jalanku " METAL LH yeahhhh .., NGAPAKKK bae @ budaya ngapak
    7 members Last activity Nov 13, 2013
    541 members Last activity 10:21 AM
  • hi friends join me and recieve free songs hindi,punjabi,english
    141 members Last activity Mar 26
  • ini adalah tempat untuk komunitas pendengar & band2 radio soekamti fm "yg muda yg berirama". buat band yg mau gabung,sialahkan mengirimkan karya lagu kalian dgn format mp3 beserta profilnya. radio soekamti fm the first the best & the only online radio for indie bands ever. www.soekamti.com
    612 members Last activity Mar 26
  • This is the Original San Antonio Goths list.(aka SAGoths List) This list was created and intended for those who are part of, or interested in the San Antonio...
    686 members Last activity 3:23 AM
  • بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم اهلا و سهلا بكم فى جروب النمر مع كل جديد و متميز من اجمل رسائل يومية مع التميز دائما كل جديد من (المصارعة _ خلفيات _صور و بوسترات الفنانين...
    4094 members Last activity 3:05 AM
  • Think Britney is nothing more than a talentless, silicone-injected whore? Who doesn't? Think Christina is no more than a screaming, arm waving "overly diva-esque" slut with skanky makeup and hair...
    565 members Last activity 3:29 AM