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  • This group is dedicated to sharing of (non-commercial) Carnatic Music - an Indian Classical Musical genre. There is no relation at all to "Dot Net", the technology.
    3894 members Last activity 4:31 AM
  • The community-music list supports those connected with the backbone of classical music - members, fans, and conductors of community bands and community orchestras. These groups, made up primarily of volunteer, unpaid...
    1276 members Last activity 9:08 AM
  • Discussions of Bach Cantatas The Bach Cantatas Mailing List (BCML) is a sister Mailing List (ML) of the Bach Recordings Mailing List (BRML...
    1050 members Last activity Jun 28
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  • April 1- August 2 - Living on Love NYC
    585 members Last activity Jul 1
  • Welcome to the Orchestra Library Information (OLI) Yahoo Group, an online forum for small and mid-budget regional,community and university orchestra libraries. On this site, members are encouraged to...
    392 members Last activity 10:55 AM
  • This is a group for Chorus business information for registered members of Hertfordshire Chorus, England. We can provide a Choir or Group of Singers for Outside...
    133 members Last activity 2:38 AM
  • Arlington Philharmonic Orchestra Member's Email List notices, schedules, and information
    192 members Last activity Jul 1
  • This is a solo singing group of ZhiQing and Chinese live in Great Washington area who love to enrich their lives with songs from the present and the past. This group meets about once every other months.
    121 members Last activity Jun 30
  • For people who love Andrea Bocelli and want to talk about and support him.
    91 members Last activity 6:38 PM
  • We are an Atlanta orchestra which provides opportunities for amateur musicians to play and perform orchestral and chamber music for diverse audiences. We have performed at public venues, retirement facilities...
    76 members Last activity Jun 29