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  • Okinawa Kenjin Club Taiko Group
    53 members Last activity Jul 27
  • A FAME group for discussing and sharing Japanese pop records, especially 60's-80's GS, idoru and J-Pop. FAME Kids Records Fame 2 Screen Songs Austin...
    149 members Last activity Apr 30, 2014
  • Welcome to the International KAT-TUN Group! Topics about Johnny's Jr., Arashi, KinKi Kids, Tokio, V6, Smap, Hikaru Genji, & Shounentai may also...
    891 members Last activity 9:35 AM
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  • Welcome To Gotou Maki ML Gotou Maki graduates from Morning Musume on 23/9/2002 This is a club specially dedicated to Gotou Maki! Join our club if you...
    875 members Last activity 3:53 AM
  • AyuMi hAmAsaKi, UtAda HikAru, Smap, HideaKi TakIzaWa, KyOko FukAda, TimE sTraNgeR KyoKo, Gals, and mAnY morE!!!
    310 members Last activity Jul 25
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Hikki~! She has married to a photographer who is also the director of her recent MVs~! *************************** UH3+ will be out on 30th September. Don't forget to buy it!
    226 members Last activity Jul 19
  • From Macross Plus to Record of Lodoss Wars, Outlaw Star and many more, this voice has made its prescence known throughout the world of anime. Easily recognizable and just as easily overlooked...
    211 members Last activity 1:08 PM
  • Hi! Is there anyone who like Japanese Band Sound? Which bands do you like the most? I like X-Japan, Luna Sea and Glay very much. Just join my club or send message to me, OK!?
    394 members Last activity 9:52 AM
  • Welcome to the unofficial international Johnny's Entertainment Group!! Topics about SMAP, TOKIO, V6, KinKi Kids, ARASHI, Tackey&Tsubasa, NewS, Jr., and other...
    752 members Last activity 3:53 AM
  • ***m o r n i n g . m u s u m e . d a i s u k i*** Irrashaimase and welcome to our gathering place for fans of Morning Musume "Love-To Morning Musume", the best of all Japanese music!! If you're not...
    809 members Last activity Jul 26