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  • Barbershoppers Urging Repeated Puns as a Sidegroup - a group dedicated to humor and focusing on puns and barbershop harmony.
    94 members Last activity Oct 8
  • This is an INCREDIMAIL group for women ages 35+ to share IM stats, jokes, funnies, laughs and friendship. A haven to escape from life's responsibilities for a while and just let loose, to be yourself and share what...
    17 members Last activity 2:29 PM
  • Jokes of all kinds are allowed here folks, so if you want to be a part of The Comedy Shop sign up today. *Please Note: -Flaming will not be tolerated. -No off topic posts. -Members...
    14 members Last activity 11:32 AM
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  • Welcome to Clegg's Summer Wine. For fans of Last of the Summer Wine and the memories that are recorded in Norman Clegg's diary. We don't insist on staying on topic but...
    24 members Last activity Oct 6
  • The Sunset Players is a Community Theater group on the west side of Cincinnati
    156 members Last activity 2:07 PM
  • Subscribe to receive a daily Steven Wright quote. Steven Wright's dry humor is sure to start your day off right.
    348 members Last activity Jun 23
  • Sorry. We are not taking any new members.
    14 members Last activity Sep 25
  • Board for comedians to discuss the happenings of the SF Comedy scene.
    1322 members Last activity Aug 28
  • I will be offering Tags that might give you a Ha-Ha, chuckle, giggle, a laugh...or just give you a smile. Good clean CHUCKLES here...NO ADULT TAGS. Offers will be a few times a week, by request only. ~Betty...
    124 members Last activity 1:56 PM
  • Joke du Jour is sometimes provocative, sometimes dry, sometimes sexy -- but always free! We're not just another humor list. We have funny humor and jokes; and best of all are the weekly inspirations. A Joke a Day keeps...
    18154 members Last activity Oct 12, 2014