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  • sabolikom
    166 members Last activity Jul 30
  • Hi, My name is Amy Geidel and I worked on the Train in "98". I will be returning to C.P. This summer and will be on the Train again. This club is for all former C.P...
    189 members Last activity Jun 23
  • Cedar Point, is located on a penisaila on Lake Erie south of Sanduskey Ohio. -----------------------------------------So just point the little arrow to "Join this Club" in the right hand corner and go To Cedar...
    142 members Last activity 11:23 PM
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  • We pack our own fudge!!!
    139 members Last activity 2:44 PM
  • This is a place where Employees and Fans can Meet and Have Lot's of Fun and also take part in Polls and have fun talking about America's Rock'n Roller Coast CEDAR POINT...
    71 members Last activity Jul 30
  • Hey all! Welcome to Cedar Point Headquarters. Well, hopefully you all will choose to join this wonderful club. Once people start to come and chat I am sure it will be really fun. If anyone has been to Cedar...
    66 members Last activity 7:27 PM
  • This group is for past present and future Employees of the Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point. If you were bellstaff, a desk clerk, a res clerk, PBX operator, or just bullshitter join us!
    62 members Last activity 11:36 AM
  • tehfilm
    2437 members Last activity Apr 11
  • 635 members Last activity Feb 2, 2014
  • This is the place for CedarPoint employees to share stories, pictures, or just chat about our experiences (good or bad). It is also a forum to discuss concerns and suggestions on making...
    394 members Last activity Oct 4, 2013