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  • Melanie Lynskey is an award winning actress you'll recognise from such films as Heavenly Creatures, Ever After, Coyote Ugly, Sweet Home Alabama...
    457 members Last activity Feb 25
  • A group celebrating New Zealand-born Young Hollywood actress Melanie Lynskey, her talent and her movies.
    73 members Last activity Aug 22, 2015
  • Hello! I hope you enjoy the club! I have been a fan of Melanie Lynskey for only about 4 months but I think she is the greatest! I have seen all of her movies and I can't wait to chat with other...
    82 members Last activity Jul 8, 2016
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  • Wellcome!!!!!!!!! This he is a Group of Melanie Lynskey, accrtiz of "Heavenly Creatures", and of but I title that already to know, Because to have, plenty of emotion to that to enter and colavor! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!
    69 members Last activity Jul 17, 2016
  • If your a fan of the great Melanie Lysnkey then this is the site for you. On this site you can see pictures of her, articles of her, read her bio, talk about her, read her best quotes...
    38 members Last activity Jun 9, 2012
  • This group is for fans of Mel to search and post links to magazine websites in UK/US for interviews with her.
    33 members Last activity Jul 6, 2011
  • hi
    5 members Last activity Jul 9, 2016