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  • Name: Jennifer Eve Garth. Born: April 3, 1972 in Urbana, Illinois. Parents: John & Carolyn Garth (each had 3 children when they married, then had...
    344 members Last activity Feb 26
  • she was amazing on 90210. i miss seeing her grow up..i miss them all..if you want to talk about the show join me. i could use the company
    195 members Last activity Nov 16, 2016
  • Jennie's boudoir
    112 members Last activity Jul 8, 2016
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  • The club is about Jennie Garth. My love for her. I want to be close to her. I met her before when she was not famous.
    101 members Last activity Jul 15, 2016
  • I hope you enjoy this cool Jennie club
    83 members Last activity Jul 8, 2016
  • Hello! You are welcome!
    51 members Last activity Nov 13, 2010
  • Jennie Garth...
    2 members Last activity Mar 4, 2010