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  • Yalova Kent Konseyi
    95 members Last activity Aug 20
  • This is a place for the plants rights activists or those sick of the vegetarian/AR nonsense. This page is brought to you by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants and the Plants...
    81 members Last activity Aug 21
  • Welcome reader..are u a vegetarian? Did u 1 to know how to become a buddha? Why u are not buddha? If u are vegetarian..congratulation u have a chance to become the next buddha. If u are not.try 2 become vegetarian than u can become a buddha. In this world have some...
    7 members Last activity Jun 18, 2011
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  • yes,hello.my name is shang young i am 18year old now so luckly bcoz i am vegetarian now.did u want 2 know why became a vegetarian is good? 1)every human have they own family.did u love your family member?i think is yes.if not maybe you are a stone..animal...
    5 members Last activity Aug 2, 2010
  • If you love peace, let be a vegan!~
    3 members Last activity Jan 5, 2009