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  • Group El Kharoof El Dal says welcome to all the new Lambs (Romany Fawzy) To Join Our sheep Click Here More than 49000 members largest christian group allover the...
    55903 members Last activity 3:17 PM
  • Motto: Promoting Islamic moral values among the Bangladeshis worldwide. ====== Goals: 1. To create a network of communication among the Bangladeshis in home and abroad who believes Islam as a complete way of life and...
    2144 members Last activity 8:17 AM
  • This group is meant to keep those who have participated in the Snorri, Snorri Plus, or Snorri West Programs in contact.
    327 members Last activity Aug 12
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  • stella maris academy of davao - batch of 1984
    78 members Last activity Aug 1
  • To read and print out lessons:click on "View all" then click on "start" to go back to the beginning. The first lesson is just called "the alphabet"..the second is "pronunciation"..the rest are listed under "lesson".Some...
    434 members Last activity Nov 19
  • The VIKINGS group is a fun-loving bunch of people, and is comprised of the new generation of the Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto (ICCT). Come out and have fun with us, learn more about your...
    224 members Last activity Nov 26
  • Markmiðið með þessum póstlista er að efla gömul kynni, og ný hjá fólki á, og frá nafla alheimsinns Þórshöfn á Langanesi. Það er...
    109 members Last activity Oct 29
  • Fellow Pagans, This list is here so that the magickal culture of Iceland can meet, keep in touch with each other, listen and teach to one another.
    97 members Last activity Sep 21
  • Velkomin(n) á umræðuvef Flokks framfarasinna! Hér er hugmyndin að almenningur á Íslandi geti tjáð skoðanir sínar og sjónarmið á hagsmunamálum...
    70 members Last activity Sep 21
  • This group list is for the pagans of Iceland to correspond with others in their area, or those with a similar outlook. All are welcome.
    91 members Last activity Sep 21