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  • This group brings the news and activities of the Libyans in Ireland concentrating on current status in Libya in addition to any subjects the members feel relevant or interesting .. Please remember to treat each...
    239 members Last activity 11:12 AM
  • �ف كاترٍد كغر�تم كل أخبار أن صنر غل فٍبٍا ... كلنغات كختف�ة .. دٍلٍة .. ث�ا�ٍة .. �لٍة
    397 members Last activity May 21
  • This group is devoted to those of us who attended school at OCS from 1970 to 1981. With the ever-increasing number of websites devoted to Tripoli and Libya, and after the 2001 Tripoli...
    394 members Last activity 10:56 AM
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  • Dear friends Libyan culture & travelling groups dissection I am writing to you to tell you that firstly my name is dafer and I am from Libya. At the moment I am student at...
    170 members Last activity 11:58 AM
  • " It's worth remembering that in the times of Herodotus, the known world was divided up into Asia, Europe and LIBYA which includes the whole of North Africa"
    141 members Last activity 9:42 AM
  • This club is dedicated to the great Libyan leader.We have 40 photos of him
    146 members Last activity 9:42 AM
  • CNN
    73 members Last activity 9:08 AM
  • �ف كا تتكلام كل م�ر م�رز ما�رز ما�ر hackrz hacarz hacar hakar hakarz ا�بر كجكنغم م�ر اكرٍ�ٍم كغ تحٍات كٍدن اف�ٍلج ا�فان ا�الٌ افغاب دٍلٌ كسٍحٌ اسفاكٌ ا�الٌ ل�كات كنبٍف كحكنف براكج كحكنف ثٍكات كحكنف س�س ا�فاك س�س ككثفٍ...
    67 members Last activity 9:21 AM
  • قروب مهند الحرابي تجد فيه كل ما هو مفيد من جميع العلوم معلومات برامج العاب رسائل نكت مسجات لجميع الاشياء ادخل وتمتع مع قروبنا قروب الحب حب مهند
    70 members Last activity 9:23 AM
  • افسفاك غفٍ�ك نرحكة اففم نبر�اتم تحٍة ظٍبة ف�ك كل اخٍ�ك كغل�ر افشلة افح�ٍ�م �ثٍر كلا فك ٍغفك بغد ان فك ٍسكغ بكجكنغات افٍامن افبرٍدٍم نلحل ملا �كلا بغكف إحدٌ...
    220 members Last activity May 20