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  • This is a Group of old people, those who are above 50 years, the golden years of age. Most of the Members will be retired people. They will be rich with plenty of knowledge and experience, in various faculties and fields of...
    581 members Last activity 3:54 PM
  • Gup Shup, Behas-o-Mubahissa for Dow Class of 79
    182 members Last activity 8:24 PM
  • We are Hyattsville residents and supporters who are helping neighbors stay in their homes and engage fully in the community and life.
    130 members Last activity 3:15 PM
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  • This is a group for anyone born in the 30's. Come join us for some memories and general chit chat!
    91 members Last activity 9:41 AM
  • A group for women over fifty where they can chat about things that only those of our age group can really relate to. This is a list where I hope women can come to share and give support to one another .... this will be a non-racist, non-sectarian, non-political group. I want...
    29 members Last activity Dec 10
  • Vietnamese seniors' group to help one another in old age.
    16 members Last activity 3:23 AM
  • TBD is a social group for members and friends of UUCA who were born from 1950-1970 (or thereabouts). We meet for monthly parties at members' homes. Members can suggest other activities and outings as well...
    269 members Last activity Dec 5
  • Board of Trustees for First Parish Church
    10 members Last activity 7:19 PM
  • Calling all girls of MGS Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia; born 1963; Std 1 @ 1970; Form 1 @ 1976; SPM 1980; STPM 1982. Let's keep in touch!
    105 members Last activity Oct 8
  • Description This forum is a tool that is privately owned and managed by Eileen Pugh and is used to communicate with each other in the Eden Brook Community Friends/Residents...
    143 members Last activity Nov 30