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  • Welcome to MIDKAR! - “The best place to collect MIDI and Karaoke files” *** IMPORTANT: If you subscribe, you MUST make a MUSICAL or MIDI related comment as to why you want to join us...
    1195 members Last activity 2:42 PM
  • English: This Group is founded September 12 2005. Moderator is Danish, but know English, German and Dutch. There is no speciel rules, but I hope we all can help...
    178 members Last activity Apr 20
  • Many musicians use the exceptional line of Yamaha XG instruments, sound modules and cards. Many are now discovering the magic of the XGWorks program. If you want to really unleash the full power of it and share...
    847 members Last activity Mar 29
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  • 390 members Last activity Feb 25
  • This is a group to provide shared knowledge and support for the Midi Editor software for the Boss GT, GR, and ME based effects processors or synths. Files for download can be found in...
    253 members Last activity Jun 15, 2014
  • This is a group to share files and information about encore. The idea to is to create a forum to provide each other with support and ideas with regards the program.
    209 members Last activity Dec 13, 2014
  • The mailing list is dedicated to software synthesizers. Software synths use a personal computer to act in a similar to their real hardware counterparts. Software synths have advanced so far in recent...
    1279 members Last activity Apr 20
  • Your One Stop Site where you can find the latest MIDI tones,wav files, Software, Games and Applications for your Nokia 7650 . All for Free! JOIN NOW! :)
    1126 members Last activity Apr 20
  • It took us a hell of a long time to find this. It's for Logic Audio version 4.2 - 4.5. Enjoy and pass it around!
    587 members Last activity Apr 20
  • This group is for the discussion of the JAMMER software products. All types. This is software used to create music on a midi system. Please keep it clean and if you must go off topic please put OT in the subject header.
    310 members Last activity Apr 20