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  • If you're obsessed with collecting signature tags, then this is the group for you! All tags offered here will be anything from G-rated. These include Anime, Fantasy, TV/Movies...
    409 members Last activity Oct 11
  • A community of London/other UK-based information architects, user experience designers and user-centred design specialists. Note that this list is now mainly used for job ads, and recruiters...
    1010 members Last activity 9:05 AM
  • Welcome to the Blind Webbers web page. I set up this group to create a forum for blind and visually impaired web authors to share ideas and tips. Being a blind web author, I hope to be able to help others in their...
    497 members Last activity Oct 7
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  • This group is for those who wish to get updates of the alley's newest sets. General site updates will also be added.
    101 members Last activity Oct 12
  • Ads for Pixel Lovers No Fighting Post only twice a day please Simply be adults
    36 members Last activity Oct 11
  • Private group for alumni of the ed2go.com course Creating WordPress Web Sites II, taught by John Agress. Requirements to join this group: Proof that you have previously taken this online course...
    158 members Last activity Oct 9
  • Informations, help, suggestions about the shareware programs Anfy and Anfy3d for web masters and web designers
    593 members Last activity Aug 23
  • Welcome to Egypt web designers group... you can post any topics or jobs related to web design, web development, graphic design and IT... everybody is welcome.
    126 members Last activity Oct 12
  • PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. This community discusses web development using this embedded language. For the purposes of this discussion group, any and all PHP...
    3046 members Last activity 5:02 AM
  • The Web Accessibility Network for Australian Universities aims to promote accessible web design within Australian universities. To reduce the incidence of spam activity, subscription applications...
    216 members Last activity Sep 14